Our partners.




 Uganda Cooperative Alliance.

UCA is our lead partner in our environment programs facilitating establishment of tree nurseries in the community where agroforestry tree seedlings of indigenous tree species are raised and distributed to farmers and other community members for free.

UCA has also facilitated and empowered all community cooperatives to engage in farming as a business.

Tree talk Uganda.

Tree talk Uganda is a local environmental organization empowering young people to engage in conserving the environment. Tree talk has supported us with tree seedlings on different occasions during our school tree planting campaigns.

Lwengo local government.

Lwengo local government has always supported our activities through Kkingo Subcounty headquarters and responsible officers in the production and community development offices. Through Kkingo Subcounty, we have got fruit tree seedlings which we have planted in schools we work with.

The Production and Community development offices have facilitated CIIRD with technical support on different technical aspects so that we can serve the community better.