Located in the heart of Uganda, we work with local communities to improve their livelihoods.

We currently have three main opportunities for our volunteers:

In addition to our volunteer projects, we also have ongoing local projects.

Trees for Farmer Families and Schools

Smallholder farmers and schools receive free or donated tree seedlings to plant them in their compounds. Our seedlings are purchased from a local woman and her family with a small scale enterprise established over 10 years ago in seedling development.

Trees planted on their farms will provide fruits, firewood, medicinal values, fodder for livestock and improve soil fertility. Trees received by schools are primarily fruit trees and occasionally trees to provide shade. Students are able to achieve a healthier diet through the plantation of fruit trees. It is expected that fruits will be available for harvest after 2.5 from the plantation date.

We are also developing a community farm in Luteete village, where we demonstrate sustainable agroforestry farming practices. We currently have a tree nursery and farm animals to promote tree planting and bio fuel usage respectively.

One Model Home at a Time

We are developing model homes in different communities to demonstrate the best Conservation Agriculture practices, use of sustainable energy options, best sanitation practices to the communities for a higher adoption of the practices and technologies. Model homes are all-inclusive of:

  • Wood saving stoves
  • Biofuel for sustainable energy
  • Water harvesting systems
  • Agroforestry practices

Gift Piglets for Empowerment.

Some women within the villages receive piglets to help them earn additional income. This initiative is also aimed at improving the quality of the soil by using the pig waste as organic fertilizers to improve soil fertility and thus increase farm productivity. Manure can also be used to create biofuel. This program was established on 2015.